Who’s up for a Lolita Meet-up?

I was thinking about doing a Lolita meet-up but I simply have no clue where to hold it, what time, what date and ETC. Does anyone have any suggestions? Leave them in my Ask box thingy if you do; Or even if you would be interested in going to one!


hairbowsandteacups-deactivated2 asked: I'm a lolita from northern ireland! If anyone else is from NI feel free to send me a message :)

Just to publish this.

Calling all Lolitas from Ireland!

Calling all Lolitas from Ireland;Do you have any meet-ups you would like to organize? We’ll submit any Meet-up to advertise your meet-up in the Republic or Northern Ireland.

The aim of this Blog is to organize and bring Lolita’s from the Island of Ireland together in friendship. Don’t be shy and please share with your Lolita friends!